Tablet PC Training

ITE&C Department has delivered more than 90,000 Tablet PCs with accessories to different departments for use by field level officers / staff for effective data capture, administration, and monitoring of key projects of Government of Andhra Pradesh. In this regard, the Honorable Chief Minister has suggested a training on the usage of Tablet PCs to the user Departments for various functionaries up to the village and mandal level.

The ITE&C department, through the institute of e-governance (IEG) and Andhra Pradesh Technology Services (APTS) drew up a detailed training content for training in tablets and conducted comprehensive trainings through the training of trainers (ToT) model. In this model, at the state level, district development managers (DDM) who are employees of IEG working in the districts were trained by the officials from APTS, UIDAI, AP-online, and the vendors. At the district level, District Collectors identified 3-4 resource persons from each of the participating departments for the training and nominated a District level officer or DIO, NIC as the coordinating officer for the ToT program.

Officials from APTS, UIDAI, AP-online, IEG and the vendors have conducted the trainings in the districts. The involvement of vendors as resource persons is a unique feature of this training process, as we felt that the tablet vendors possessed most relevant knowledge about their products. While AP-online addressed content on software integration of departmental applications, APTS and the vendors taught the participants on details of hardware connectivity, biometric authentication protocols, and normal maintenance of the hardware and software. UIDAI resource persons were also roped in to give perspectives on aadhar and biometric authentication. A total of 559 trainers were trained and an average of around 30-40 resource persons were trained in each district.

The district administration were advised to form 10 teams per district with 3-4 ToTs heading each team and these teams along with the DDMs are planned to impart training to the field level functionaries. IEG DDMs are coordinating the training program by liaising with various departments in the districts.